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What Kind of Twisted Christmas Do You Celebrate?

I have a question that has haunted me for years.  Who writes some of these Christmas songs?  Have they ever even celebrated Christmas?

Take “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”  I really like this song, but there is a line in there that has always bugged me.  “There’ll be scary ghost stories, and tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago.”  Scary ghost stories?  Who tells ghost stories at Christmas?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Another one that makes me laugh is Neil Diamond’s “You Make it Feel Like Christmas.”  “So wake up the kids, put on some tea, light up the tree, it’s Christmas Day.”  Put on some tea?  This is actually more believable than telling ghost stories, but another tradition I’m not familiar with.  Ever heard of the traditional Christmastime-only beverage egg nog, Neil?  No?  How about hot chocolate?  Tea?  huh.  Not feeling it.  Now, take into consideration that our buddy Neil is part of that special group of non-Christians that want to cash in on the holiday, but not actually celebrate our Savior’s birth.  Apparently, throwing in the words “Christmas” and “tree” make it acceptable for our Christmas cds.

Finally, I ask you to take a look at “I Believe in Father Christmas.”  This song is an anti-Christmas song disguised as a Christmas song.  I used to really like this song, singing along with what I “thought” were the words.  Nope.  I think my “favorite” line is the final one, “The Christmas you get you deserve.”  OUCH!

Notice I left out the novelty songs involving front teeth, grandmas, and the worst of all–hippos.  These songs have never claimed to be serious, reflective Christmas songs.  As annoying, and nerve-grating as these songs may be, they truly are in their own category.

God bless you all and Merry Christmas!  (put on that tea and settle in for those scary stories)

Not the Same Old Song-Update

After thinking about it, I decided just to tell Karen the truth.  I told her that the song was inappropriate because it words in it that dealt with sex and stuff about sex that was not acceptable.

She looked disappointed for about 15 seconds and then said, “Okay!”  She chose Miley Cyrus “7 Things.” 

Oh, and the rest of the songs she chose passed my tests.

NOT the Same Old Song

I earned some free downloads about  a month ago, and I decided to share the wealth with my family.  So, I asked each family member to give me 5 songs they would like me to get for them.

My son wanted several songs from the soundtrack for the movie Eagle Eye.  All instrumentals.  Interesting choice, but not all that surprising.  He was thrilled to receive the soundtrack for Back to the Future for Christmas.

Tom chose songs that he’s heard on the local college radio station.  Having been a DJ in college himself, again, not a surprise.

Then there is Karen.  God love her.  She’s not found her niche yet, really.  She’s almost 11, and she still enjoys Hannah Montana songs, the Jonas Brothers, as well as Taylor Swift.  She also likes to listen to an urban radio station that has music that helps her get her groove on.  This girl does love to dance. 

Herein lies the problem.  Her list included songs that have questionable lyrics.  Oh, let’s be frank.  They are unacceptable. 

So what do I do?  The first song on her list is Right Round.  I know why she likes this song.  It is fun to listen to and, as they used to say on American Bandstand, “It’s got a good beat, and you can dance to it.”  It also samples a song from 1985 that I loved, You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).  The most obvious difference is the lyrics.  Wow.  What a difference.  Disturbingly different. 

The song from 1985 is about a guy who sees a girl that he’s interested in and wants her to “open up her lovin’ arms.”  He even says, “I’d like to move a little bit closer.”  Nothing wrong with that, right?  Agreed.

The song that Karen wants samples the chorus from this song.  The similarities stop there.  The song talks about sexual situations that I won’t discuss here.

After talking to Tom, we both agreed that downloading this song for Karen would be very “unparental” on our part.  And, so far we are still in the running for Parents of the Year, so we certainly don’t want to jeopardize that. 

I guess my issue that I bring to the blog today is how to explain to her why I won’t download it.  The sexual situation described in this song is one that I am certain she is not familiar with.  So, if I tell her that I won’t download it because the lyrics are unacceptable, she may ask what makes them unacceptable.  Yikes.  Don’t really want to introduce that to my 11 year old.  She just got through this year’s Family Life video without fainting!  But, if I tell her “they just are,” she’s likely to look up what the lyrics are.  And, that would introduce her to many, many more words/concepts that are unwanted. 

We’re stumped.  Any suggestions welcome.

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