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Richie, Potsie, and Me

My family went to the drive-in on Friday night.  We had never been to one in Missouri before.  When we lived in New York for 4 months, we went to one twice.  The kids were only 1 and 3, so they really didn’t remember it.

Before I tell you about Friday night, I have to tell you about Wednesday night.  We tried to go to the drive-in on Wednesday night, but once we got down there, we drove by a gas station and saw police cars and police tape all around this pickup truck, the pumps and the entrance to the convenience store.  Definitely something was afoot.  But, we drove into the drive-in and NO ONE was there.  Then a woman who apparently owned the place told us that they were not going to be able to show the movies that night.  Our faces fell.  She said, “Yeah, the authorities recommended that we shut down.  There is a manhunt going on tonight.  A guy stole a car and then ran across our field here and they are looking for him.  The police think it is too dangerous for everyone to just sit in their cars here tonight.”  (Uh, Yeah!)  When she saw our faces, though, she asked if we had driven far.  When Tom told her St. Louis, she went inside the concession building and brought us out a card that got us in for free the next time we came.

So, we returned Friday night.  We drove almost an hour down to Cadet, MO to the Starlight Drive-In.  The movies that were showing were “Get Smart” and “Speed Racer” so we were all equally excited.  We settled in with our popcorn, soda, and licorice from home and got ready to watch the movie.

Then the complaints began.  “I can’t see.”  “Yeah, me either.”  “The rearview mirror is in the way.”  Finally Tom and I said that we would sit in the back of the van and the kids could sit up front.  In all honesty, once we got back there, we wanted to say, “We can’t see!  The rearview mirror is in the way!”  But, we slumped down as low as we could, put our heads together, and watched the first movie.  We did tell the kids they couldn’t move their arms or heads because if they did, we wouldn’t be able to see!

So, instead of having to call the chiropractor the next morning, Tom came up with the brilliant idea of turning the van around, swapping the seats, turning it into something only an engineer could think of.  It worked out much better.  The rain started coming down, but the rear hatch protected us.

We had a really good time.  Get Smart was excellent and very funny.  Speed Racer was, uh, hard to follow and a blur of activity.  But it was still worth hanging around for.

We got home at 2am and the kids both said they had a great time.

I was thrilled because it was my idea and it actually worked out. 

Tickets: $20 

Gas: $25

Funnel Cakes and Pretzel: $9

Drive-in Memories:  Priceless

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