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It’s Now an Official Tradition

Last year, Karen entered middle school, so I took she and Mark to Five Guys and they spent the time discussing what to expect, how things are different from elementary school, etc.

Yesterday, Karen and I took our neighbor to Five Guys to do the same thing.  Our neighbor had lots of questions, and seemed very happy with Karen’s answers.  It was so strange to see the role-reversal, though.  There was Karen looking all mature and answering questions, when just a year ago, she looked all small and unsure of the future.

Sure, she probably provided her friend with more information than she needed, “I sat at Table 2-5 for lunch.  Let me draw you a diagram of the tables.”  Her friend just wanted to know if you could sit anywhere, or if there were assigned seats.  🙂  But, she seemed to really enjoy the time together. 

The typical questions came up.  “When can you go to your lockers?” “Isn’t it really crowded when everyone is at their lockers?”  “How do you change clothes in the locker room for PE?” I really liked Karen’s response to that one.  “It is kind of creepy at first.  You’ll want to go in the bathroom stall and change, but everyone tries to do that, so it doesn’t work.  Really, it’s not that weird after awhile, because everyone is doing it. Plus, I wore an undershirt, so that made it easier.”  The look on her friend’s face was one of huge relief. I’d forgotten what a big deal that was.

She thanked me at least three times for taking her to lunch.  She’s a wonderful girl, and I’m sure she’ll do fine.  And, as Karen said, “You don’t have to wave at me if you don’t want to.  But, if you are having a bad day or just need a smile, give me a wave, and I’ll wave right back and say, “Hi Maggie!”” What more could a girl ask for?  ha

Nancy’s Husband, Todd

A few weeks ago I wrote about my next door neighbor calling me “Nancy” instead of my real name.  I received many comments on that and a lot of laughter.

Well, now my husband can join the party.  We just received an invitation to a graduation party for the boy across the street.  (Different family)  The invitation read, “Mr. and Mrs. Todd Farmer and family.”  My husband’s name is Tom, not Todd.  Now, my son pointed out that at least Todd sounds like Tom, whereas Nancy and Michelle sound nothing alike.  I think it’s funny how you can invite someone to a party and not even know his name.  I told Tom that we obviously make a lasting impression on our neighbors.  🙂

I think I will RSVP that Todd and Nancy would love to attend the party.  Unfortunately, Tom and Michelle will not be there.

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