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Free Shipping? Missed It by That Much!

Other than a trip to Office Max, I really don’t like to shop.  That’s why I love to shop online. 

I’ve shopped Amazon since the beginning of time, it seems.  (Should have bought stock in it.)  I remember telling Tom all about this cool site that sold just about everything!  (Yep.  Should have bought stock.)

Amazon often has free shipping with a certain total.  Usually $25.  You even get that happy little notice that says, “Wait!  Add $2.95 of eligible items in order to qualify for Super Saver Free Shipping.”  Ugh.  I then search for things that I might want for under $5, which isn’t easy.  I’m searching blind.

Someone decided to help those of us that love Amazon and love free shipping!  Find an item at  Just type in the amount you are short of free shipping, and you get a loooong list of items that are that amount, or just slightly over.  They even put popular items in bold-face type.  I was shocked at how many items were available for $1.95!

So, next time you are shopping at Amazon, check it out!  I’m on my way right now!

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