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Award Winners of the 90’s

Sometimes I watch the Academy Awards and think, “What?!  Are you kidding me?!   THAT is what you chose for Best Picture?”

But, I’m going to have to admit that the Academy made some pretty good choices in the 90’s.  Continuing with the ever-exciting list of “What Michelle Movies Has Seen and What She Thinks About Them…”

  • 1999 American Beauty – Okay, I’ll be honest here.  Kevin Spacey could read the ingredients on the side of a cereal box, and I would watch it.  This movie was good, albeit a tad disturbing.  Which is what the Academy often chooses, so it’s not a surprise winner.  However, that year, I would have chosen The Green Mile.  Probably too “preachy” for Hollywood.
  • 1998 Shakespeare in Love – This one goes in the “Are You Kidding Me?” category.  It was decent movie, but was it really better than Life is Beautiful?  Really? 
  • 1997 Titanic – I’ve never seen this movie.  It’s become a thing of pride now.  A game winner in “I Have Never…”  Besides, I know how it ends.  The ship sinks.  Oops.  Did I spoil it for you?
  • 1996 The English Patient – Never seen it.  Heard it’s a snooze-fest.  One of “those” movies.  The kind the Academy loves, but the public slept through it.  Fargo, however, was Oscar-worthy in my opinion.  At least I stayed awake during Jerry Maguire.  (Remember Cuba Gooding Jr’s acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor?  Priceless!)
  • 1995 – Braveheart – Wow, this was the year to watch movies.  Braveheart was well-done.  I remember people poo-pooing Mel Gibson’s accent, though.  He was up for Best Director, not Best Actor, so lay off.  🙂  Apollo 13 was an excellent film that year as well.  Historical.  Tom Hanks.  Gary Sinese.  What more do you want?  Babe never had a chance, in my opinion.  Still one of my favorite “feel good” movies.  But, the biggest disappointment of all?  Sense and Sensibility was robbed!  This is absolutely one of my very favorite movies!  Brilliant!  I cry every single time I watch!
  • 1994 – Forrest Gump – Okay, I’m still not over Sense and Sensibility.  Give me a moment.  Okay.  Now I’m ready to move on.  Forrest Gump is absolutely going to remain a classic for all time.  The acting, the special effects, and the storyline were all superb.  I feel sorry for anyone else who made a picture that year.  You never had a chance.  (Especially Shawshank Redemption.  It was all about timing.  Should have waited until 1996.)
  • 1993 – Shindler’s List – This was a no-brainer on the Academy’s part.  Holocaust, Steven Spielberg, and vintage black and white.  A trifecta film.
  • 1992 – Unforgiven – Please don’t call it THE Unforgiven.  Drove me crazy anytime anyone would call it that.  The first movie I ever saw on DVD.  Not a big fan of westerns, per se.  (Unless Jimmy Stewart is in them.)  But, they had me at Gene Hackman.  Other than that Superman III debacle, Gene is almost always in excellent movies.  I absolutely loved this one.  And, the Academy’s nod to Clint Eastwood.  (Whose name I can’t type or say without thinking of Back to the Future III .  “Eastwood.  Clint Eastwood.”)
  • 1991 – Silence of the Lambs – I have to admit that I’m surprised by this one.  Thrillers don’t normally win the big award.  But, this wasn’t just any thriller.  Anthony Hopkins and Jody Foster (the darling of the Academy) made this movie worth more than just a glance.
  • 1990 – Dances With Wolves – Epic movie.  Beautiful landscape.  Shows how mean we were to the American Indian.  No question.  Godfather Part III is arguably the worst of the trilogy.  It got a pity nomination, in my opinion.  Ghost was too “froo-froo” for Best Picture and too much of a comedy.  Comedies never win Best Picture.  Never.  Awakenings and Goodfellas might have won had they been released a different year.  Similar to 1994.  No one else had a chance.

Now it’s your turn.  What movies did you love/hate?  Never see?  I’m at 90% for the 90’s!  🙂

Recent Award Winners

I’ve been interested in classic movies lately.  Watched In the Heat of the Night  “They call me MR. Tibbs!”  Loved it!  Watched Wall Street, not sure that it is a classic, but I felt like it was on the list of “Movies Everyone Has Seen and Gets Referenced Enough that I Should Watch It.”  (Am I the only one who has this list?)

The way I got started with this list was reading someone’s blog about the 10 Most Memorable Movie Quotes.  As I went through the list, I realized that the two movies above were the only ones I had not yet seen.  So, I can check those off my list.

I then decided to check out what Academy Award Winning Movies (Best Picture) I had seen/not seen.  (This was also prompted by my friend Mark who was shocked to find out I had never seen The Godfather.  Yes, it is now in my Netflix queue.)

The past 10 years of Best Picture are as follows

  • 2008 Slumdog Millionaire-haven’t seen it, and don’t really want to.  Just not my cup of tea, I guess.
  • 2007 No Country for Old Men – haven’t seen it.  Too violent for my taste, I think.
  • 2006 The Departed – saw it, and had to admit it was pretty good.  I’m a sucker for Matt Damon movies.
  • 2005 Crash– EXCELLENT MOVIE!  Love those movies where everyone is impacted by other characters, seemingly unrelated.
  • 2004 Million Dollar Baby – haven’t seen it, but I HATE boxing and boxing movies.  (“It’s not a boxing movie, it’s a movie about (insert life-changing moment here)”.  No, it’s a boxing movie.  Sorry.)
  • 2003 Lord of the Rings-Return of the King – Saw it.  Loved it!  Never read one of the books.   Wouldn’t have even seen the first one, if my only other option hadn’t been to stay at home and watch 12 kids while their parents went to the movie.  Yeah.  Not a tough choice there. 
  • 2002 Chicago –Haven’t seen it.  However, I saw the musical at The Fox in 1998, and so the movie’s not on the top of my “must see” list.  Not a big fan of Richard Gere or Renee Squinty-EyesZelleweger.  (I know.  I shouldn’t talk…She probably makes fun of me too.)
  • 2001  A Beautiful Mind Excellent movie.  Excellent acting.  Loved it.
  • 2000 GladiatorI haven’t seen this one either, but I have to admit that I’m going to add it to my Netflix queue.  Not a big Russell Crowe fan, but it’s probably worth it.  After all, Elizabeth Taylor’s announcement of Best Picture at the Oscars that year alone made it intriguing enough for me to want to see it!

So, what have you seen and loved?  Or what do you wish you hadn’t wasted your time on?

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