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Check This out, Miss Manners!

We continue our series of posts on GOOD MANNERS today with these gems:

  • Smile
  • Knock before entering
  • Don’t lose your temper
  • Respect others’ feelings
  • Be patient
  • Say “Excuse me”
  • Speak quietly

I like these a lot! In fact, I can’t choose just one to write about. So, as a bonus for you, I’m going to touch on each one.

  • Smile – To me, this is a no brainer. I smile all the time. Even when I am feeling down. (at least in public) I was having a rough day yesterday, but when I went to the store, I used all the energy I had to smile at everyone that works there. When they asked, “How are you?” I didn’t say, “Crummy” or “You have no idea.” I, of course, said, “Good, and how are you?” I’ve never thought of smiling as a good manner, but I’m glad it’s on the list.
  • Knock before entering – This to me is just common sense. If you don’t knock before you enter, you may get a BIG SURPRISE!  YIKES! I realize that this is aimed towards children, though. And, in my opinion, this is one that you teach by example. Sure, we started telling our kids, “You have to knock!” early on, but we also knocked on their doors early on to show them how important it is.
  • Don’t lose your temper – Okay, I’m working on this one too. Just like being on time, I’m getting better at it. No one wants to be around someone who loses their temper. Take a deep breath and ask yourself, “is it worth all this?” Most of the time, it’s not.
  • Respect others’ feelings – and I’m going to add “point of view.” Note: it does not say agree. Respect is another thing entirely. I think another way of saying this is “Think before you speak.”  Many times, if we had just waited a few seconds before we made a big deal out of something, we would have handled it differently. I know people (and I’m sure you do too) that seem to be “without a filter” as I like to call it. They just say whatever comes to mind without thinking about how that will affect the other people in the conversation. I have a good friend who has been known to say, “You didn’t mean for that to come out that way, did you?” I love that as a response to those “no filter” people.
  • Be patient – Yeah. Hurry up and wait. That guy in line behind you who is sighing big sighs and making comments about the wait time really needs to get a grip and shut up. Be patient, Bucko.
  • Say “Excuse me” – This is one I feel like it is dying out, and I’m sad about that. Maybe I say it too often. We tell our kids when they are little, “Say ‘excuse me.’” But do we say it often enough? When you walk in front of someone in the grocery aisle, say “excuse me.” When you burp, for cryin’ out loud, say “excuse me.” And, no, I don’t care how often you burp. Say it every time.
  • Speak quietly – WHAT!?!? (Obviously this isn’t my strong suit.) There are times when I am out that I know to keep my voice down, though. And, there times when I’m just too loud. Okay, I need to work on this one too. BUT SO DO A LOT OF YOU!

Oops. Excuse me. That was a little rude.

And Then Depression Set In

I’ve been having a tough week.  Been very sleepy.  Can’t seem to concentrate long enough to read anything of length.  Been eating like crazy (to keep awake and just seem hungry all the time).  And weeping.  Not the huge breakdowns, but weeping, just the same.  And, I don’t feel better when I’m done.

Yesterday, I called my dad and told him I was having a bad morning and asked him to meet me for lunch.  He was quick to agree and did wonders for me.  Helped me talk about other things.  Helped me analyze what had been happening that could have triggered this episode.  Waited at home for me to find out what the doctor said.  He was awesome.  Just what I needed.

So, fortunately, yesterday I had a scheduled appointment with my psychiatrist.  After I updated him on the past six weeks, he said that it sounded as though I was depressed.  After thinking about it (and the above symptoms), I agreed.  So, he’s upping the Cymbalta.  Which I was going to ask about anyway.  So we were on the same page. 

The only problem is that now I have to wait at least a week for this stuff to start to make a difference.  My patience is as short as Herve Villacheze.  I hate that more than the weepiness.  I know I am short on patience, but it just rises to the top so quickly that I can’t seem to do anything about it before it spurts out.

Sorry to bring everyone down, but this blog really helps, plus I can let my friends and family know without having to repeat it and (gasp) talk on the phone.

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