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Papi’s Pizza and Subs

Yum yum yum yum!

My friend and I went to Papi’s for lunch last week.  They have lunch deals, and for $6 you can have a salad and soda, a pizza and soda, or a sandwich and soda.  DELICIOUS! 

So yummy that I took my family there for dinner that same night!  The kids and I split the family meal deal which was a large 2 topping pizza, salad, and breadsticks all for $19.99.  Tom got a small pizza for himself.  (He likes lots of stuff on his pizza.)  We all ate the salad, which was HUGE and the breadsticks and pizza were delicious!  We couldn’t eat it all.  They make their own crust and breadsticks. 

The desserts are awesome too!  The ice cream tastes homemade, the cookies are as big as a kid’s head, and they have FUNNEL FRIES!!!!!!!!  I cannot say enough about the FUNNEL FRIES!!!!!!  It’s like eating at 6 Flags without the overpriced admission and 93 birds flocking around you, hoping for a bite.

I highly recommend this place.  By going there you support our local merchants, support the local economy, and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Give it a try next time you are in the Wildwood area.  I’ll probably be there too.  🙂

Strange Breakfasts

I just watched a video about blogging, and apparently there is a book titled, No One Cares What You Had for Breakfast.  I agree with that.  Besides, my breakfast was so unhealthy today I wouldn’t disclose that anyway.  Honestly, I am like my dad in the sense that the two of us could eat breakfast three meals a day.  So, I do love breakfast.  Mark needs breakfast, too, and will eat a bowl of cereal no matter what time of day.  Tom and Karen could go without breakfast without even batting an eye. 

But, as my family was in the car today, we were discussing what people eat for breakfast.  Mark was telling us about a friend of his who had had pizza for breakfast.  Tom and I told him we both would eat pizza for breakfast when we were in college.  I said I’d still eat pizza for breakfast, as long as it was room temp or cold.  Tom said I wasn’t in college anymore.  I said, “Well, I’ve been to college, so now I can.”  Karen said she’d eat a pizza with bacon on it for breakfast.  (Actually, Karen would eat anything with bacon on it.  Anytime.) 

We all agreed that those chicken biscuit sandwiches now offered at McDonald’s were just weird.   Does anyone actually order those?  Now, I never order chicken sandwiches to begin with, but chicken for breakfast just seems weird to me.

I do feel like I have to actually chew something to make it count for a breakfast.  I like yogurt, but I have to eat something else with it to make it breakfast.  (a chocolate chip cookie, brownie, pop tart.  KIDDING, Mom!)

So, that discussion made me curious.  What odd things do you eat to start off your day?

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