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So Far, So Good

Hi.  My name is Michelle and I’m addicted to Facebook.  I’m sure there is a support group out there for people like me, but that’s not really what this post is about.

Several people use Facebook to voice their opinions on political issues.  One of my New Year’s resolutions was to refrain from posting a political issue as my status or to even comment on another person’s political comment, whether I agreed or disagreed.

So far, I have stuck to that resolution.  (I think it’s the only one still in tact.)  Yes, I get frustrated.  Yes, I say aloud, “Are you kidding me?!?!” And, yes, sometimes I have to walk away from the computer.

I still think it has been a good choice, though. I learned last year that people “discuss” the issue, but no one ever changes their viewpoint.  Ever.  There are times when I see the writer in person, and I want to tell them my side, but I don’t do that either.  (I just say it on the inside. Oh, and I discuss it with Tom, so that I’m actually saying what I think aloud.)

I just thought I’d share that I actually have one resolution still going strong.  No weight loss. No super-clean house.  And, no skydiving.  Well, at least not yet.  I still have four months left.

Is it November 4th Yet?

Holy cow!  I am starting to go nuts.  I am not going to talk about the actual views of each side or even which side I am on.  Those of you that know me, know what where I lean.  Those of you that don’t, I realize that my viewpoint isn’t going to make any difference to you, so I’m skipping that.  Besides, once I get started, I can’t stop.

My problem with this time of year is the tension.  I have already decided how I am going to vote, so all these commercials are not going to make one iota’s bit of difference.  Other than the fact that I’m getting way too worked up. 

I do have some friends that are on the “other side of the aisle” and I don’t even want to talk to them about this.  It’s like the elephant in the room when we get together.  Or at least I feel that way.  Now, yesterday, I spent the morning with a dear friend from the other camp, and we had a great time.  We had plenty of other stuff to talk about, thank goodness.  But, she’s the exception to the rule, I think.  Since this is at the forefront of my mind, I want to scream, “HOW CAN YOU VOTE FOR HIM?!?!?!?”  when I am with other people.  I’ve had to call my friend in Texas so that I can vent.  She calls me to do the same.  It’s crazy. 

So, I’m just using this venue to vent my frustration and release the tension.  Thanks.  Trust me, the world is better off now that I got that out.  😉

I am praying.  I’m voting.  That’s about all I can do.

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