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You WILL See This New Word

My good friend, MJ, who actually turned me on to blogging, wrote a new post the other day, and coined a new term.  It is such a good one, that I am sure you will hear it pop up in our culture very soon.  “Posterboarding”

Now anyone that is a parent, may already guess what this term means.  This is one reason I think it will catch on.  “Posterboarding” is when your child informs you that s/he needs you to do something in order for them to complete a project the next day.  I believe we have all been there. 

“Mom, I need a poster for my book report that is due tomorrow.  Do we have any posterboard?”  –You’ve been posterboarded.

“Dad, I need you to burn this music onto a cd for my talent show audition tomorrow.”  (MJ’s example) –You’ve been posterboarded.

My personal real example–“Mom, for tomorrow I have to make a family tree on posterboard and bring in three artifacts that are important to our family.”  –I was posterboarded. 

Fortunately, I already had the posterboard here, but the three artifacts involved calling my parents, getting their family crests, copying them, etc.  The killer on this one was that this occurred on a Sunday.  This chick had all  weekend to tell me about it. 

I wonder if there is such a thing as Posterboard Rage.

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