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I’d give it an A-

Everyone in my family has at one time decided to rate certain things. Back when my husband was big on eating fajitas, he would rate each restaurant’s version, since he ordered them almost everywhere he went.

My son has rated bathrooms for quite awhile. His are very detailed. An example is when we went to the Circle of Concern in Valley Park. He came out and said, “I give it an A-.” (He has done this so long, he doesn’t even have to tell us what he is talking about. We just know.) Then, he explains why it deserves that grade. “It was obviously freshly painted. Very clean. The only thing wrong was they had paper towels and toilet paper stacked in the corner. Otherwise, it would have been an “A”.”

My daughter has now taken to rating grilled cheese sandwiches at restaurants. Her very favorite is Sonic. That one always gets and “A” and lots of “mmmms” while she is eating it.

I, however, don’t rate anything and feel a little left out. There are few things I am passionate about. I don’t always have to go to the bathroom every time we go somewhere. (My son does, however, and it is not about rating the bathrooms. He’s got some Pavlov’s dog-thing going on that when he enters a restaurant, especially, he has to go to the bathroom within the first 15 minutes we are there.) I keep trying to come up with something to rate. Something that means something to me and that I do often enough to justify rating it.

Any suggestions? I give this blog an A-. It was not my best blog, but that’s okay. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me! 😉

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