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Sick as a Dog

Okay, what does that even mean?  Are dogs sicker than other animals?  I’m not an animal person, so I truly have no idea.

But, yeah, I’m sick with the flu today.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous day, and I was actually planning on being outside with the family (which is really a big deal for me because I really enjoy being inside with all the windows open.  I justify that is it almost like being outdoors.).  But, here I am stuck in bed with the window open wishing I were outside.

Being sick stinks.  I really don’t like the stuff you are supposed to eat to make yourself feel better.  Can’t stand tea.  Blech.  But, I got a headache from the flu or the lack of caffeine so I drank a cup.  Bananas.  Not my favorite, but Tom got me some, so I ate one.  Saltines.  Mom always has these on hand so she dropped a sleeve by.  (My mom really does always have them.  In fact, my kids have called them “Nannie Crackers” since they could talk.)  Now, I don’t do jello or 7-Up.  So, I’ve done what I can.  We’ll let the body do the rest.

Being in bed these days isn’t so bad, though.  I’ve done a few crossword puzzles and read a book.  Even though we don’t have cable, I have the next best thing (or maybe even a better thing)…my laptop.  I’ve watched this week’s Grey’s Anatomy and several episodes of Lie to Me on Instant Netflix.  I’ve kept up on Facebook, and played a few games.  Thanks to Tom for setting it up in our room.

 I’ve also thought of a thousand random thoughts that I wondered if I should blog about.  But, I decided not to.  There wasn’t much to blog about.  Just one sentence thoughts.  Like, what’s the difference between muffins and cupcakes?  Just icing?

Yeah, I think I’ll save you from that.

Have a Blessed Easter!

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