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Things I Love/Hate Part II

Things I Like:

  1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  2. Finding so many of my favorite students on Facebook
  3. Salt and Pepper Pistachios

Things I Don’t Like:

  1. The way David Caruso stands whenever he talks, and how he either takes off his sunglasses or puts them on after he makes a statement.
  2. Hot weather (We’ve been lucky this year.)
  3. Fitted sheets that don’t stay fitted during the night.

To Tuck or Not to Tuck?

No, not my face.  Please.  I’m insulted you even thought that.  And, no, not shirts.  I used to be a major tuck it in girl, until I had kids and that baby bump never left. 

No, I’m talking about sheets.

Last night, I got into bed and the top sheet was untucked.  I was alone, but I said aloud, “Eww!”  You would have thought there were mice in my bed as quickly as I threw off the covers and jumped out of bed!  Unlike George Costanza, I hate not having the sheets tucked in, no question about it. 

I know there are people out there who don’t even use top sheets.  I’ve stayed in their homes.  I can live with that.   But, there is just something about feeling that top sheet creeping up my legs that drives me nuts!  (Since I’m bipolar, I can say that about myself.  You just can’t say it.  Sorry.  One of the few benefits I have.  Live with it.)

As I laid in bed, after the re-tucking, I breathed a sigh of contentment.  Then, I wondered.  Who else cares that much about tucked or not tucked sheets?  My husband sure doesn’t.  He just wants to be warm.  Not picky at all.  Everyone has their quirks.  I probably have more than most.  (Yes, you can say that about me.  That’s just weird, not crazy.)

Maybe I should just sleep in a sleeping bag.  No question.   I’d be all tucked in every night.

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