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In and earlier post, I had written about a good friend that had sent me an email about the spoon theory.  Since it is of significant length, I chose not to just paste it in here.  And, at the time, I didn’t know how to put a link in my post.  Well, many months later, here I am.  Yes, my son showed me.  This is typical.  I try to figure something out on my own, and when I can’t, he comes to my rescue.  So, this post is available thanks to Marla and Mark!  🙂

I hope this website will give you  a little insight into my bipolar disorder and many other “invisible” diseases, chronic pain, or disability. 

This week I am having to use a lot of spoons just to make it through the day.  So, to those of you to whom I normally keep in touch with, either by email or phone, I am not ignoring you, I’m just saving my spoons, so I don’t have to get out a knife!!!!!  😉

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