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Put Your Feet Up!

Today is my day off.  Mondays, you know.  I finally resigned myself to doing this.  I know some of you may think that I’ve been doing it all along and enjoying it.  Well, truth be told, I haven’t really been taking Mondays off.  I usually find something that needs to be done, and I go do it.  Or, one of the kids asks to be taken somewhere, and I take them. 

I have realized that the weekends do pose a slight change in my mood on Monday.  I do well with structure, and the weekends just don’t work that way.  This summer is completely without structure other than cleaning tasks that the kids and I have each day.  So, to have just one day to not worry about the hectic (crazy) days, I get to do what I would like to do.  (Again, I highly recommend this to all people, not just bipolars.) 

Well, today my son asked me if he could go to a friend’s house, and I asked him to handle it without involving me.  So far, so good.  The kid’s mom is going to pick him up after lunch, and Tom will bring him back on his way home.

I am going to do laundry.  Not because it is needing to be done, but because I’ve kinda enjoyed it lately.  And, the feeling of doing a load or two a day makes me feel good.  So, even though to some that may be work, for me it is an enjoyable activity.  (Unless of course, mystery stains are involved, then I’ll just wait until tomorrow for those.)

So, I get to do what I want.  Like scrapbook.  Make cards.  Blog.

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