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Mother/Daughter Relationships

Other than my husband, my mom is my best friend.  I can tell her just about anything and she is always there for me.  As you can tell from this post.  (Okay, if this link thing doesn’t work, but you can go over to the right-hand side of the page here and click on “March 2008” and find “Happy Birthday, Mom!” if you want to.)

My wish is to become that to my daughter.  And, today, I got a chance to see the girl she still is and the woman she is to be.

She and I went to the mall to buy some Crocs.  I offered to buy knock-offs, but she wanted the real ones, so she was going to pay the difference.  Even though I don’t like shopping, I enjoy doing things like this with her.  After she picked out the ones she wanted and paid for them, she realized she had enough money for Dippin’ Dots.  When I said that was fine with me, we walked to the other end of the mall.  She reached over and grabbed my hand. I felt like I was filled with sunshine!  My ten-year-old still wants to hold my hand.  I think of her as a kid, a teen-to-be, a pain in the rear, and many other things, but this moment was really special for me. 

She and I also talked about the future:  what kind of dog she would like to have and why, her favorite names, etc.  We watched the people pass by as she was eating her dots.  She commented on the relationships that we saw, especially kids and their parents.  As we left, she held the door open for a man a little older than me, but younger than her grandfather.  He thanked her and she smiled and said, “You’re welcome!”  Last night at band practice, she went with me and since there were only two singers there, she asked if she could sing too.  I asked the others and, of course, they said, “Sure!”  She was as happy as a clam.  (But, really, are clams all that happy?  Sorry.  That was an ADD Moment.)  She seemed so grown-up, and I’m sure she felt that way.

She has such a positive outlook on life; she takes it all in.  I hope she continues to feel that way throughout her life.  It will serve her well.

I realized how much she loves and enjoys being with me.  Next week she and I are going to have most of the week to ourselves since Mark is going to Boy Scout camp and Tom will be joining him later in the week.  We already have some things planned, but I will make sure that I cherish many of the moments that we will have together.  Until, of course, she tells me that she is bored.  Then, I’m done with her.

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