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Going Postal

As part of our Dave Ramsey money-makeover, I searched the house for items to sell on eBay.  It hasn’t been a huge money-maker for us, but every little bit helps.  Plus, I’m getting this stuff outta here!

One of the items we sold was a video game.  The buyer had asked what the shipping would be to Canada.  I looked it up online and replied that I would mail it there for $5.  While I was at Dierberg’s today, I realized there was a UPS store inside.  So, I took my package in there, and asked the guy how much it would cost.  He measured it, typed in all sorts of data, and replied, “$18.56.”  WHAT!?!??!  I said, “Seriously?  That’s the cheapest?”  “Yep.”  I grabbed the box and said, “Uh, no way.  I’m not paying that.  I’ll come up with some other way.”  He gave me such a funny look.  I said, “That’s more than the item is worth!”  And, then I left.

I headed over to the good ol’ Post Office and took a deep breath.  Did I plug in the wrong numbers online?  Was this eBay deal going to end up costing me money?

The woman behind the counter told me I’d have to fill out a customs form.  I said, “Before I do that, can you tell me how much it is going to be?”  She put it on the scale and said, “$5.01.”  YES!  I said, “I went to that other store and it was going to cost me $18!”  Her eyes got really big and she just shook her head.  I said, “I KNOW!”  🙂

So, “What can Brown do for you?”  Charge you up the wazoo!

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