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Who ARE You?

That is what my body is saying today.

This weekend was so wonderful and surprisingly filled with events that could be considered “exercise.”  I KNOW!  I can’t believe it myself!  And, I know my body is in shock.

Thursday night, I walked two miles up to the free movie that Wildwood has once a month.  Karen and Tom were already there, so I met them.  The movie was “Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D.”  Pretty funny, even though it wasn’t supposed to be.  But, hey, it was free.

Friday, I walked another two miles.  I have found my motivation.  I got a book from the library for my .mp3 player, and I won’t let myself listen unless I’m exercising.  I love the book and I love the exercise.  (Especially since it is unseasonably cool here.)

On Saturday, the family went on a walk up to the Farmer’s Market at Wildwood Town Center, then hit Dierberg’s, then walked to Mobil on the Run for quarter drinks.  (Thanks, Cardinals!)  This had to be at least a 7 mile trek.  (Those of you that run marathons are probably laughing your heads off.  But, for me, it was a big deal.)  It felt soooo good!  Tom even said, “Man, you were bookin’ it!”  I laughed and said, “I only know one speed.  If you are going faster than me, I can’t catch up.  If you are going slower, I’m thinking, “C’mon!  Hurry up!”  At least that’s how I am with longer distances.  Not a stroll around the park.  I can go slower.  🙂

On Sunday, after church there was a BBQ planned at a member’s farm.  They planned a bike ride on the Katy Trail beforehand.  And, no, I did not ride my bike.  My bike has a nasty, hard, misshaped seat.  I can’t ride it for long at all.  But, I did go to the farm, had a nice meal, then played volleyball.  I was sweating, I was playing so hard!  Again, it felt soooo good.  (Especially since all but one serve went over the net, thank you very much.)  I have a bruise on my wrist from playing, but it was worth it.  A war wound, I guess.

Monday, I went for a walk.  Today, I’ll go for another walk.  I’m hoping that soon not only will my body be thinking, “Seriously.  Who ARE you?”  but, I will be able to look at my body and think the same thing.

Not as Easy as It Looks

On my walk today, I tried to walk without moving my arms, ala Molly Shannon’s character on “Seinfeld.”  I was surprised at how difficult it was.  I remember a couple of friends in college (guys) that thought I was swinging my arms way too much.  Who knows.  Maybe I do.  But, walking without swinging them was so awkward. 

Plus, I couldn’t do it without laughing.  So, I would have been given questionable looks for two reasons:  no swinging and laughing when no one else is around.  Oh, and I was playing air drums at the time.  Okay.  Maybe I’m getting questionable looks regardless…

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