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What a Wimp!

No, I’m not going to rant today, I’m going to promote the website wimp.  I’ve been debating about whether or not to share it, and that is why I didn’t do this yesterday even though I usually give you a website to check out.  But, this morning, the latest video made me teary-eyed, so that was my sign that I just had to share.  My son turned me on to this site (of course) and shares quite a few of the videos.  Some are just “okay” while others are clever, fascinating, or just plain funny.  So, even though you may have to sort through some that you don’t really care for, the next ones may just blow your socks off.

This site adds several videos a day, so it can be tough to keep up with, if you want to see everything.  However, nothing says you have to do it all in one sitting.  And, again, sometimes the title tells you enough that you know you want to skip it. 

I have no idea why it is called “wimp,” but I really don’t care.  It can entertain me for hours.  Not that I watch it for that long, of course.  I have housework I need to do!  (yawn)

Here are a few of my favorites that will show you the range of what you can find here:

Wimp finds videos that are posted worldwide on other sites, and shares the interesting ones.  So, some you may have already seen elsewhere.  But, honestly, this is a great go-to site when you just want to be entertained for a few minutes.  And, best of all–suitable for all ages!  (By the way, I’m not an “animal person,” but for those of you that are, don’t worry, there are plenty of cat and dog videos.)

More Laughs, but This Time on Canvas

Oh, what would we do without the internet to make us laugh?  Read books?  I don’t usually LOL with books.  Sometimes, web sites are so wonderful, they become books.  See Cake Wrecks, for example. Still my #1 LOL site.

Here’s a web site that has become not one, but TWO coffee table books.  Museum of Bad Art (or MOBA) made me gasp with the first portrait of hideousness.  Apparently, Lucy in the Field with Flowers is “The Mona Lisa of MOBA.”  This portrait was found in the trash in Boston.  And, we are even treated to a behind-the-portrait narrative worthy of a PBS special. 

I knew I had to share this site when I saw the second portrait, Sunday on the Pot with George.  Yep, it is exactly what you think it is.  Good golly. 

I’ll admit that I don’t always know bad art from good art.  I just know what I like.  And, I like this site.  (BTW, you can purchase a print of some of the “finest” in the museum shop.  See?  Your Christmas shopping could be completed already!)

Hungry, but Broke?

Today I’m going to feature a couple of web sites that will help you save some money if you are wanting to eat out, but the wallet is a little light.

First, one of my favorites is  This site is of benefit all across the country!  You just type in your zip code and voila! you’ve got a list of restaurants that offer some sweet deals.  At first, you get a $25 gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice for $10.  Register on the site, and you will get emails so that if you wait a little longer, and you get the same $25 for only $3.  Wait even longer, $2!  Some come with stipulations such as “with $40 purchase” or “Monday-Thursday.”  But, do the math, and you are still getting a $40 meal for $17!  There are expiration dates, but they give you at least a month, so you can buy them well in advance.  Or, do like I do, and buy them just a few minutes before you decide to go!  You just print the certificate on your printer!

A few things to keep in mind, though.  Certain restaurants sell out quickly, and may be gone before you get the $2 deal.  Be sure to read the fine print to see what restrictions are in place.  Also, an 18% tip is usually included, but then your $25 coupon often is used for deducting part of the tip.  Some restaurants make it easier to see than others.

The next web site is for St. Louisans only.  It’s St. Louis Meal Deals.  Here you’ll find a week’s worth of deals around town.  From free food (thanks to the Cardinals’ Home Opener, there are several today) to special dinner deals or tastings.  It updates weekly, and sometimes there are daily updates as well.  I have this one on my RSS feed, and sometimes it gets a little much.  But, really, that’s more because we aren’t going out to eat as much as we used to, and it covers the entire St. Louis area, so often the deals aren’t necessarily convenient.

So, if you are watching your budget, but still want a night out, check these sites out.  Tonight we’re having spaghetti.  At home.  Now that’s a deal!  (Especially since Tom is making it!)

My Eyes! My Eyes!!!!!!!!

I have always been fascinated by optical illusions.  I don’t know how many of those Magic Eye books I owned, but I loved them.  And would gasp every time the image would come into view.

Today’s Monday site is devoted to optical illusions.  And, the cool thing about this site is that it actually tries to explain to you why the illusion works.  And, you are able to make changes to the illusions so that they don’t work any more.  Or that an image spins faster. 

My eyes are truly having trouble focusing on this screen right now because I watched way too many at once.  So try them in moderation.  Or prepare to spend the day seeing things move in bizarre ways.  (Oh, if you get car sick, you should avoid a few of these.)

Mend Your Mundane Mondays

Here’s your web site for this week!

This site shows strange and funny “suggestions” when you begin to enter words into the Google search bar. 

WARNING:  this site may contain inappropriate material.  But, the entries are usually just plain funny.

Surfing Monday

I’ve got to come up with a better title than this.  My brain is mush today, so I’ll work on that later.

And, maybe my mushy brain explains why this site  fascinated me so much.  I won’t even tell you how long I played with it.  You click on a corner or side and flip the pages.

What a Waste! (Or is it?)

Thanks to my buddy Liz, I spent about an hour with my kids looking at this web site about baaaad cake decorating.  We laughed until we couldn’t laugh any longer. 

So, since Mondays are usually my “day off,”  I thought I would give you a good way to waste time each week.  I’m willing to give of my time to provide you entertainment.

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