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Lock It Up!!!

Does anyone else besides me remember the commercial “Lock it and pocket the key”?  It was designed to remind us to lock our cars and take the key with us.  Wow.  Does anyone leave their car unlocked anymore?  Hey!  Maybe that campaign worked!

Well, this isn’t about locking your car. 

It is about a strange item I have noticed that is locked up.  For my male readers, you have been warned.  You are about to enter….The Women’s Bathroom!!!!!!

(Let’s be honest.  They are more interested than ever now…)

In my latest trips to public restrooms, I have noticed something I found very odd.  There is a lock on the little box where women deposit used items in the stalls.  (I’m still considering the men’s feelings here.  We women know exactly what I’m talking about.)  A lock on the box.  A lock? Really?  Is this a crime that has gone unreported?  Has Channel 5 News not investigated this?  Why is there a lock on here?  Are there women out there that want that stuff?  Used?!?!?!  Blech!  Someone suggested that maybe girls use it as a prank.  Oh my gosh!  Those are some twisted girls!  Therapy needed in Aisle 1!  If this is the case, maybe we need to start a support group.  We could call it GPA-Gross Pranksters Anonymous.  When I was in high school, girls used to put pads on other girls’ lockers just to embarrass and humiliate them.  But, believe me.  They were unused.

I’ve asked several people about this, and they are as perplexed as I am.  Of course they’ve never noticed it.  That’s just some weird thing I do, looking for something about which to blog.   I would love to know if anyone on this planet knows why these are locked up. 

Anyone?  Anyone?

Swimsuit Shopping

Women often run screaming when they hear those two words “Swimsuit Shopping.”  And, for those of us on the “plus” side, believe me, it is one of those things you make yourself do.  Just like those yearly exams we are supposed to have.  Ugh.

My daughter and I went shopping yesterday for a bit.  She bought a few things including a swimsuit.  Of course, she’s 10 and has the cutest figure and looks great in anything.  So, she’s trying on a two-piece (no boring old one-pieces for her!) and checking herself out in the mirror, shaking her hips watching the little ties on the sides flip around.  In her mind, there is nothing more exciting than that new swimsuit for summer.

Then there’s me.  Blech.  Not only are the swimsuits I’m looking at WAY more than I want to spend, but if I want to spend that much, I want to look good.  And, that ain’t happenin’, folks.  FINDING a swimsuit in your regular department store isn’t easy when you are looking for the women’s sizes.  (By the way, my dear friend was helping her sister look for clothes one time and announced, “Hey, sis, here is an 18 Wide!”  Needless to say, her sister sat on her and said, “W=Women, not Wide.”)  They don’t have a section for Women’s swimsuits.  Ours are mixed amongst all the others.  (Thankfully, not the petites.  Those little bitty things have their own section.)  I finally found one swimsuit that even had women’s sizes.  ONE!  So, I started ranting to my daughter, “So!  This is what it has come to, huh?  THEY decide that THIS is the only swimsuit overweight women can even pull off?  Is THAT what they are saying?”  She was sweet enough to just shake her head in empathy.  “Ugh!  And, check out the price!  PUH-LEEZE!  For that much, it should come with sleeves and a coupon for free liposuction!”   I did find two more suits that carried the Women’s sizes.  I decided on one, and bought it.  No way was I trying that thing on in the store. 

After I brought it home, I had buyer’s remorse.  Did I really need a new suit?  I have a couple that are perfectly fine.  Don’t look worn out at all.  Plus, we aren’t going anywhere this summer that would require a suit.  We may go on a float trip with Tom’s family, but I wouldn’t want to buy one just for that.  So, I’m taking it back.  Along with the cover-up that I bought.  Seriously, that thing isn’t going to cover up nearly enough!  😉 

So, the new swimsuit and the mirror will never meet.  Awww.  Too bad.  I think they are both better off not seeing each other.

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