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Back in Time

I’m alive and well and still living in the suburbs.  I’ve had some ups and downs since my last post, but lately I’ve had some down times, but that’s another post altogether.  This is a much happier post. 

Last night, my husband was digitally converting his record albums.  (Kiddies, that was a piece of vinyl that preceded .mp3s and even cds!)  So, we were listening to Bruce Cockburn.  And, Tom read out loud, “Hey, Bruce Cockburn wrote and sang the “Franklin” theme song.”  I said, “I doubt that.  This guy doesn’t seem the “Franklin” type.  Where are you getting that?  Wikipedia?”  He admitted he was.  I scoffed and started my own search.

I googled “Franklin theme song” and, of course, youtube had it.  Sure enough, the guy singing sounded just like Bruce Cockburn.  Who knew?  

Mark was across the hall, heard it and came running in and slid right next to me with this big grin on his face and said, “FRANKLIN!”  So, we watched and listened again.  Mark said, “I always liked Fox.”  I said, “You know, that always bugged me about this show.  How come Franklin is the only one that wears clothes?  And how come Franklin is named “Franklin,” but everyone else has names like “Fox,” “Bear,” “Snail,” and “Beaver”?”  We laughed and laughed.  Next to the youtube video, there was a link to “Bear in the Big Blue House.”  Mark and I got excited and clicked on it.  Tom said, “Oh, is that “Little Bear”?”  Mark and I rolled our eyes.  Like “Little Bear” was even like “Bear in the Big Blue House!”  Please.  We kept looking up old Nick Jr shows, and giggling and “oh, I loved this show”-ing. 

We were obviously not helping Tom enjoy his album, so we went across the hall to Mark’s room to watch and listen to more.  We had such a great time.  We even got into giggle fits watching them in different languages. 

As his bed time neared, I found myself wishing that it wouldn’t come.  I wanted time to stand still just for a few more moments.  I was sitting next to my soon-to-be 13 year old and having such a great time.  Sharing a moment that I truly feel we will look back and remember.  He really wanted to be with me.  I realized that this will not always be the case.  In the near future, I will be such a dork instead of kooky and fun.

But, for now I’m his kooky, fun mom who is more than happy to spend an hour giggling and reminiscing.  And hopefully making more memories for us to share 13 more years down the road.

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